Marathon No. 4

I’m running the Berlin Marathon again. I know, I must be crazy etc. etc. But the situation in Syria hasn’t gotten any better in the past year and this is the only thing I can do that might help.
So again I’m donating all proceeds to Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF).
“We are currently earmarking for our Syrian Refugee Fund. This means that donations earmarked for Syria are going towards supporting displaced Syrian refugees in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq,” Emma Mulligan from MSF in Dublin wrote.
I have complete faith in MSF knowing best where the money is needed and hope you will have, too.
There’s only a month to go! One month! I’ve been training, of course, trying to balance the running with not getting injured. It’s such a delicate balance. My right knee is complaining again.
But I’m doing all I can. I haven’t had an alcoholic drink for more than three months, not since Union Berlin’s last game in the second division on May 19.
I know I can do it – I’ve done three marathons at this stage now – just I don’t know how I’ll do it, if it’ll be running, walking or crawling. I’m not confident at all because of my knee that it will go as well as last year but you know by now I will give my all.
Please sponsor me! Everyone who makes a donation will have their name (or alias if preferable) on my back, and 100% of your donation will go to MSF. You can see last year’s shirt to the right. I’ll be covering all the expenses and will be making a donation of my own, too.
So to recap, I’ll run the Berlin Marathon, you pay me for doing so, you get your name on my back, and every cent goes to MSF so they can help Syrian refugees in need. Nazis would be appalled. So please help! Thank you :)


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