Le Tour

This is late, but one of if not the best assignments I’ve had yet was the Tour de France in the summer. Two weeks (I joined late) of following the riders as they cycled 3,351 kilometers over three weeks. Each and every town we stopped in, and there were a lot with different starts and finishes each day, was a highlight.
There was spectacular scenery in the Alps, Massif Central and Pyrenees, wonderfully warm-hearted hosts sharing their homes and digestifs, the thousands of fans and the color, noise and excitement of covering the world’s biggest race. C’était vraiment formidable!
I was pleasantly surprised by my French. It’s better than I thought it was and I was able to make friends wherever we went.
I wrote some good stories, talked to some good people, filmed interviews, made little video reports, and thoroughly enjoyed the race itself. It was great!
I could write more but maybe the photos tell a better story.


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