Marathon #3 for Syria

I’m running another marathon, the Prague Marathon on May 6, to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières in Syria. I’m starting the ball rolling now and donating €500 to MSF so it can be put to immediate use. They need it straight away.
I have to do something. I’m haunted by images of children lined out in shrouds, or crying in makeshift hospitals with their heads bound in dirty bandages and dust on their faces from the bombed buildings they were futilely sheltering in.
I’ve read reports and seen tweets and I can’t read or see any more. One person I want to hear from hasn’t said anything since June 18, 2016. I check the account every so often but fear the worst.
It makes me sick to think there are people who callously pretend none of this is happening, who turn away, acquiesce, or continue with their bombing. The Russians have said it’s all mass psychosis. They don’t give a damn. They’ll keep murdering.
All I can do is keep running. I’ll run in shame and anger, in sorrow and pain, but not without some smidgen of hope – hope that somehow this nightmare will end and the survivors can get over the horror of it all. Maybe it’s futile. I don’t know. But doing nothing is not an option.
Training started already and I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since last Saturday. These are but small sacrifices.
Please donate. Anything. It will be put to good use. Thank you.


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