The young fella is seven! Seven! It’s his favorite number and he’s my favorite fella in the whole world.
He’s at an unfortunate stage, though, with his two front teeth missing due to nature having its way. He looks like an inverted rabbit.
But it’s certainly not stopping him from enjoying life as he should. If he had his way he’d only play football from the moment he awakes to the moment sleep finally forces him to surrender.
Thankfully he likes other things too, climbing trees, traveling, learning, laughing, messing, going to pubs and restaurants…
I’ll always be grateful for that morning seven years ago when took his first impressions of the world between blinks and yawns. He’s crammed more in those seven years than I have and his lust for life is only growing. Jaysus, the stuff he wants to do! The places he wants to go! There’s no end to the adventures and I can’t wait for more.
Here are some photographs from his seventh year.


  1. Dear Der Irische Berliner,

    through your other blog, I've landed here a long time ago and have been reading your heartwarming posts about the Young Fella from time to time, back then when he was still the Nipper. I truly admire the way you write about him and about fatherhood, it certainly shows me another perspective of a parent-child-relationship that I haven't yet known. Thank you.
    And of course, happy belated birthday Fionn, keep on smiling and shining!

    Best, Ly

    1. That's a lovely thing to write. Thank you Ly! All the best to you too :)


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