Run Spudnik Run

I’m as ready as can be, which is to say not really ready at all. But I’ve done all I can at this stage and will give it my best shot tomorrow. Tomorrow! The damn thing’s on tomorrow.
I’ve to be up even earlier than in Madrid. There’s a Dart at 6:45 and the next one’s not till 9, which is when then thing starts. Ireland being Ireland there are no trains at all from the northside because of works they conveniently schedule every year when the marathon is on and people might need them.
It’s much easier to love the place from a safe distance.
Anyway, enough crap. Words won’t save me now, it’s time for my feet and legs to do the talking. They’ll complain, but hopefully they’ll carry me onwards. It’s a team effort, all for a far more important cause.
So if you haven’t donated yet, please consider parting with a few euros! That’s the reason I’m doing this - because somehow I think me doing this will help convince others there are lives in Syria worth saving. It’s a stretch, but then there are stranger things happening.
Thank you!


  1. "It’s much easier to love the place from a safe distance." This is totally spot on! Good luck today. Hope there are great crowds cheering everyone on to help you keep up the momentum, too.

  2. Best of luck man! I'll give you a shout later.


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