Gdańsk (Danzig)

Gdańsk, also known as Danzig, has been called Gyddanyzc, Kdanzk, Gdanzc, Danceke, Gdansk, Danzc, Danczk, Danczik, Danczig and Gdąnsk at various times since at least 997.
It's in Poland now, back where it started after stints in independent Pomerelia, Poland again, the Teutonic Knights' Monastic State, then the Prussian Confederation within Poland, the German kingdom of Prussia with a brief Napoleonic interlude as a free city, back in Prussia and the German Empire, then as the Free City of Danzig, before war-time Germany. 'Tis hard to keep up.
Here are some pictures (with a couple from Gydnia, Gniezno and Poznań) from a brief Radiohead-instigated visit.


  1. That first pic has just brought back memories. Can't for the life of me remember the name of that street, something starting with M perhaps... anywhooo, I stayed there in a rather quaint building - right at the beginning of the street. What a boring comment, I know. I seem to have jumped back in time somehow - to the cold nights of February in 2008. Shiver me timbers. Hope the concert was good, no doubt it was.


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