Running to stand still

The training’s not going well, the fundraising only marginally better. So far I’ve raised €325 for MSF, all from friends. I’ve love to get some donations from strangers, though I suppose then they wouldn’t be strangers anymore...
So far I’ve run 344.8 kilometers and swum a few more. I ran 13K today. I’m running from a sense of duty rather than from any sense of progress or achievement. Not getting any better, just running to avoid getting worse.
Today I started with a sore back, then tweaked something in my left knee at Schönholzer Heide. I don’t know what it was. I had to stop every so often because of it. There was a time I’d run 13K in an hour; today with all the stops it was 1:07 (including the four flights of stairs down and up). By the time I finished my right foot was at me too, so now it’s my back, knee and foot. As I type I should be swimming but I don’t want to seize up in the pool and drown. I don’t think that would help anyone.
I think I need proper marathon-running advice. It can’t go on like this. I’d like to be able to run the damn thing rather than just completing it on crutches. Still, if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ll do.
Meanwhile, those donations are still very much welcome. A million thanks to those who have donated so far.

The post title provides an excuse to play this great song. It has nothing to do with running. But then neither has the war in Syria. Please donate if you can!


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