Running for Syria: It's on

Since announcing my marathon task I’ve run 102 kilometers. Not at the same time obviously, I'm not crazy. Today my name was drawn for a place in the Berlin Marathon, it’s happening! I just have to coax my boss to delay or come out of retirement to cover it so I can run it.
I’ve been running 13K runs at an average speed of 13km/h, so I’ll need to step it up a bit if I’m going to win the damn thing. I’ll run it but I probably won’t win it.
Starting is the worst and my calves have grown into cows. The pain was bad in the beginning. I had to wait days between runs. Now it’s OK. I ran 13K yesterday and the same today. I feel I could do it again tomorrow. Actually no, my cows are still mooing.
Some days are better than others, usually the days after nights I don’t spend boozing in smoky pubs. Berlin’s nightlife is good for the soul, bad for everything else.
So please donate something, anything, if you can. If you can’t (I know what it’s like), please share this post with your rich friends. Better again, share it with your rich enemies. I don’t mind. I will thank everyone after I’ve run the thing and detail exactly where the money has gone.


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