It’s been autumn for a few weeks now and it’s actually been quite pleasant. You could even enjoy it if you weren’t aware of the hell waiting around the corner. Those leaves aren’t jumping off the trees for no reason. They know what’s coming, can’t face it either.
But the colors are lovely, the air is crisp and bright (until 4pm now that the fucking clocks have been set back) and the mountains of stricken leaves are great fun to run through – until you stand in dog shit that some dog shit owner left behind. There’s always something…
Damn, this was supposed to be a positive uplifting post about beautiful colors and the wonders of nature but it’s getting bogged down in dog shit, and dogged down in bog shit. I’d better let the pictures do the talking. Taken in Lübars, Jungfernheide, Humboldthain and Schönholzer Heide. Herbstlich.

In other news, it’s 26 years ago tonight since Mauerfall. This video is from around the corner. “Tor auf! Tor auf! Tor auf!”


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