Bielefeld doesn’t exist

Bielefeld was so crap this time that I didn’t take any photos of it. I don’t need to insult anyone’s eyes.
I seem to remember my last time was alright, perhaps even enjoyable, so maybe my hopes were too high this time around – I thought it might be passable. I was sorely disappointed. It’s bloody expensive for a start – €3.90 for döner, €4.40 for a durum döner. I forked out for the latter and it was disgusting. A rabid dog on the verge of starvation wouldn’t have eaten it. I did, so I don’t know what that says about me…
Saturday night in the center and the streets were either empty or taken up by boy racers tearing around, their intelligence inversely proportional to the noise they could make.
Thankfully there are Spätis in Bielefeld. I got beer and went back to the hotel room. Sleep brought relief.
Some people say Bielefeld doesn’t exist. It might be wishful thinking. But if you say it enough times it might be true. Bielefeld doesn’t exist. Bielefeld doesn’t exist…

I did take a pic after all, of the station as I was leaving. The other is from nearby Halle, where I had to go for work.


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