Tempelhofer Freiheit

I cycled to Tempelhof earlier. I was so pissed off I wasn’t allowed vote on its future and I decided I’d better go and make the most of it before I no longer could.
Jaysus, it was glorious. I had an abandoned airplane to my back as I sat against the fence and let the sun’s warm rays caress my face. Birds were chattering, chirping, twittering as I sipped my beer and surveyed the expanse around me. There was just grass, grass and trees, and far way – almost too far to see – I could see the edge, the horizon, where people were cycling, rollerblading, flying kites and generally just mucking about.
That’s where the fuckers want to build their luxury apartments and “affordable” housing that nobody can afford. Anyway, I’ll come back to that…
I cracked open another beer and kept looking around. Every so often a passer-by would amble past, or a cyclist would rummage by softly. Bees buzzed and the birds kept chirping. It was perfect.
I thought to myself, “Tempelhof, don’t ever change.”
Tonight it was confirmed that 64.3% of my fellow Berliners – the ones allowed to vote – thought the same, and that 59.2% of them rejected the greedy politicians’ plans to build around the edges of Tempelhof for their developer friends.
Tempelhof is saved! Tempelhofer Freiheit ensured. Berlin, you’ve done me proud.


  1. Wow. That's a fairly substantial number of people not allowed to vote. Is that mostly the transient population or is there some other reason? Why weren't you allowed to vote if you don't mind me asking? I would have thought that was a Kommunal-type decision. Still, at least the decision went the right way for now (knowing developers, I'm sure they'll try and come at it from some other angle now).

  2. Just back from there. Son told me about the developers screaming for a slice. Great the place is saved for the moment at least. Huge facility in the middle (more or less) of a major city.


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