Buzludzha bound

This time next week I hope I’ll have reached my goal. I’m going to Buzludzha, the former headquarters of the communist party in Bulgaria
As soon as heard about this place I said I’d have to find it. It’s a mad-looking UFO-shaped building with a massive tower to the side perched atop a mountain in the middle of nowhere. In Bulgaria.
My flights are booked, I bought a new rucksack and all I need do now is get there. I’ve no idea how to get there. My plan is to fly to Sofia, the capital, and figure out the buses from there. Obviously there are no buses directly to Buzludzha but hopefully I’ll be able to get close enough to hike the rest.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get in there too. Apparently it’s all sealed up with unwelcoming bricks and visitors are dissuaded from entering by unfriendly warning signs. If I do get in I’ll have to be damned careful as well. It’s dangerous.
I leave on Tuesday. Can’t wait!

The pictures here are kindly provided by Tom of the excellent Soviet Storm blog. Soon I hope I’ll be able to update this with my own.


  1. that is one crazy looking place. be safe!

    1. I will, thanks! I've a little man to think of now too...

  2. And....did you make it´? The journey from Sofia was bound to be, urm, interesting, to say the least!


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