End of a world

It’s the end of the world as we know it. I don’t know that I feel fine.
Tomorrow I get the keys to my new place. Tonight is the night before everything changes for all of us.
I guess it’s a good thing. A new gaff. It’s what we both wanted. But I know in my gut that it isn’t what the young fella will want. He wants the three of us together, all the time.
It hasn’t really been that way of late, but things haven’t been so bad that we can’t humor him from time to time, at least at mealtimes, sometimes more. Maybe we can continue that way and he’ll come to enjoy having two homes where’s he’s loved and appreciated.
I certainly hope so. The next month will be a bit weird obviously. Hopefully we can manage the transition organically and with as little stress for the lad as possible.
Having said that, we’re probably more worried about it than he is. A scary world awaits. Let’s hope it’s a brighter one than the last one.


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