Wohnung gefunden!

The Wohnung search is over, I’ve found a place to live! I’m relieved it’s finally over but the process of finding it and reasons for doing so are so demoralizing it’s hard to celebrate.
My desperate measure of plastering flyers on every doorway I could find did the trick. It led to nine leads, including three time-wasting offers from estate agents, one of whom was stupid enough to offer me a luxury penthouse for a mere €1,700 a month. Gobshites.
The six real leads were all places I could have taken, so I was spoilt for choice in the end. None had a view of the Fernsehturm, however. Now, my ultimate dream is to live in the Fernsehturm some day. Though then I wouldn’t see it. Hmm.
Yesterday I finally decided between the two it had taken me two weeks to decide between. Well, the young lad did. I brought him down on the bike outside the first place, asked him if he liked it there, he said he did. Then I brought him down to the other.
“Whaddya think of this?”
“No red door!”
That was that. I don’t know what he has against red doors but at least a decision was made. Perhaps if he had gone inside and seen the trains trundling underneath the balcony, he may have changed his mind. He loves trains, as I mentioned before. But I guess if he was feasting his eyes on trains all the time, they wouldn’t be so special anymore.
So from August 1st I’ll be living on Malmöerstraße. We live on Hallandstraße now, so it’s really just moving from one part of Sweden to another. Malmö is in the south so perhaps winters won’t so unbearable there.
It’s a nice apartment, one I’ll be untermieting from a girl who’s moving to Madrid for one year, maybe two. It feels strange – she’s going where I was supposed to.
But it means I’ll be on the lookout for another place in a year or two. I’ll be more determined than ever to get one with that elusive Fernsehturmblick.


  1. Congratulations on finding a new place!! Searching for a flat in the major German cities (well at least Berlin & Hamburg) really is an endurance sport where only the strong will find housing.

    1. Thanks Riayn! It sure is an endurance test. Hope the situation improves...

    2. Maybe start looking already for the next place? Sounds like you made the right choice in the meantime. I love trains, too, but whenever I look out of the S-Bahn window into flats overlooking the tracks, I wonder how they can stand it.

  2. A lot can happen in a year, never mind two. Just try and enjoy the new place for a while first. Great that you managed to find somewhere and at least now you know the strategy to try from the beginning of the next search.

    1. Yes, now that I have a strategy I feel I can be even fussier next time - finally get that place with the Fernsehturmblick! ;)


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