I’m enroute to Munich. Juve and the Champions League are beckoning. These foreign assignments are nearly always glamorous. I realize I’m in a privileged position and remain eternally grateful even if all the work and running around is as exhausting as it is exciting.
Still, plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead. (I never ever think that in the mornings, when I have to get up.) I haven’t even had time to write about the Ireland trip yet…
Something crazy almost always happens when I go to Munich. If nothing else, the trip will allow me make more sweeping generalizations about the Münchkins, and jump to more hasty Berlin-tinted conclusions about their city and their silly ways.
My favorite Münchkins are Bier and Schweinehaxe. It’ll be good to see them again. Servus!


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    1. Hab ich gemacht! Schöne Grüße zurück! ;-)

  2. Watched that game last night. It was realy good! Can't believe that first goal came so soon after the whistle. It's great being a sports reporter sometimes, eh?

    1. Last night’s game was perfect for a sports reporter. Early goals and no last-minute surprises! And yes, sometimes it really is great. I’m a lucky man.

      Hope your own sports injury is on the road to recovery.


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