Mammoth loss

Amazing what you see when you leave the office in daylight. I noticed the giant woolly mammoth made of wood and cloth was no longer there when I cycled past, that the whole courtyard was fenced off, and that a new shiny sign crowned with spotlights was making an exciting announcement beside it.
“This is where 29 sophisticated apartments with generous balconies and terraces, as well as some with private gardens will be. High-quality furnishings with individual design.”
Yes, they actually used the word “sophisticated.”
The development is to include a “denkmalgeschützten Altbau” as well as a “modernen Neubau.”
As if either has any meaning. Denkmalschutz means it’s a listed building and I thought most new buildings are modern.
I got off my bike for a closer look. I really liked that mammoth. It was in the entrance to a school, Kita or youth center. I know this because there were always loads of kids milling around it when I went past before.
I found it smashed to pieces, torn shards of cloth and wood, in an unseemly heap before a street art mural of a person peeking through fingers hiding a face. Unable to look.
It’s at Linienstraße 142 if you want to bear witness as another city space falls victim to the growing menace of gentrification. It seems only a matter of time before they too go the way of the great woolly mammoths.

I’m pretty sure I took a picture of the mammoth in its former glory before, but will have to find it before I can post it. May be updated accordingly.


  1. Ignoring the more serious issue of gentrification for a second, sophisticated apartments is still nothing of a description compared to the "Wohnen mit Flair!" they had here a year or so ago.

    1. Jesus, that's awful. Do they think they're selling clothes in clothes shop?
      It says a lot about the buyers if they're swayed about such an important purchase by such utter shite.


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