They're tearing down the Wall!

So they’re tearing the East Side Gallery down to make way for luxury apartments. They haven’t wasted any time. News of this fucking affront – for that’s all it can be called – only broke yesterday or the day before. They’re tearing it down as I type.
The East Side Gallery, for those of you who don’t know, is the longest surviving intact piece of the Berlin Wall, which was mostly torn down in the heady days after November 9, 1989 for the right reasons – the unshackling of chains and restrictions, the unburdening of repression, and a strike for freedom.
Now they’re tearing it for the opposite – for money, for greed, for shortsighted stupidity.
I cannot believe the city is allowing this take place. It makes no sense whatsoever. Like Tacheles before it, the East Side Gallery is/was a tourist attraction, something unique to Berlin – there was only one Berlin Wall, yes, in Berlin! – drawing visitors from everywhere to marvel at its artwork and ponder its era-defining past. They even restored it a couple of years ago for their benefit.
It stood as a chilling reminder of the Cold War, something visitors could look upon with gratitude for the freedom they now have to come and go as they please.
This is history, we have a duty to preserve it.
Would they tear down the pyramids in Egypt for luxury apartments? Or the Colosseum in Rome? Or the Tour Eiffel? It’s inexcusable, reprehensible, absolutely outrageous. It’s the final straw.
I’d have brought my son there one day, told him all about it. He mightn’t care but that’s his business, that’s his choice. Now the choice is being taken away.
What the fuck are we going to do with luxury apartments? Who’s going to come to Berlin to see them? What do they stand for? Who’s profiting from this? Seriously, these are to questions to be asked to find out how and why this is being allowed. This has the stench of corruption emanating from its very cores.
These fucking apartments should be opposed just as fiercely as the building of the original Berlin Wall should have been on August 13, 1961.
The Wall stood as a symbol of oppression for almost 30 years. Don’t let them build another one.


  1. Fucking infidels! I will KILL THEM ALL!!! DEATH TO GENTRIFYING BANKERS!!! (and the old classic) DIE YUPPIE SCUM!!! I will glue myself to the wall with the jelly of 100 berliner jelly donuts in protest! The wrecking ball will bounce off my ample belly and smash back into the weasels who would wield it!


    p.s. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? Berlin isn't THAT stupid, is it?


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