Go raibh maith agaibh

Thanks to everyone for all your concern, best wishes and kind messages. It’s kinda overwhelming to know how many people care.
We’ll be fine, we’ll manage. There are worse things happening in the world and it’s important to keep things in perspective. This is a shit time right now, but there’ll be good times again. We’re both mature and intelligent enough not to allow our personal problems impact on the young lad. Obviously he won’t be oblivious to them but we’ll ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.
We had our first parent-“teacher” meeting this morning, when his Kita warden told us how happy she is with the progress he’s making. There was nothing new in what she said, but it was nice to hear how great he is confirmed by an unrelated third-party.
In short, he’s the best kid in the Kita and you can set your clock to his shites.
She did say she loved his incessant singing so perhaps her sanity needs to be called into question, but no matter…
Yesterday, when I brought the fella to the shop, he found a stick, had great fun bashing it off things. I had to stop him when he started bashing cars with it, joked he couldn’t do that unless it was a police car.
He looked around brandishing the stick: “Police car?”
Luckily for the Polizei there were none around. He’s good, and we’ll be fine.


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