New year, same shit

Good riddance 2012, you failed abjectly to live up the little hope you proffered. Even the eagerly anticipated apocalypse failed to materialize when we were expecting it to put us all out of our misery.
It was a good year for banks, bankers, those protecting bankers, and those with a vested interest in ensuring bankers are kept happy. Fuck the rest of us. And so it looks set to continue.
Whether Merkel, Obama or Kenny’s your poison, one thing’s for certain – they’re all the fucking same. They’ll all keep dancing to the tune of those who would have to rest of us paying our taxes from battery cages.
Apologies if I sound a little pessimistic about our prospects. My uncle told me my posts were getting a little “morose” lately, but it’s the only way you can be when you look around. A blind fool will tell you nothing is improving anywhere. It only seems to be getting worse. And no one cares.
Global warming? No longer an issue even as its dramatic effects take hold. Our esteemed overlords have seen to that.
Syria’s fucked, death toll rocketing, yet no gives a damn. It’s fast becoming the new Africa.
And Africa? Yeah, well, there’s some bad shit happening there too but it doesn’t affect us so there’s no need to care abut that either.
Israel is hell-bent on destruction and all the west can do is tut-tut politely from the sidelines. It’s a fucking disgrace.
Of course Iran is a threat, yada-yada.
The U.S. continues with its state-sponsored program of murder through drones abroad and through the NRA at home.
Germany, still openly contrite for horrors fresh in the memory, is nevertheless happy to profit from horrors now perpetrated by others, as it sells its arms and submarines to all and sundry.
Money, again, the recurring theme. Someone has to pay for those BMWs and Mercs. What does it matter that they’re paying with their lives in Mexico, in Yemen or in Palestine?
In short, it appears that the human race’s dominant trait – greed – will be responsible for driving it out of existence. Apathy speeds up the process, while stupidity created the conditions.
So it’s hard to be optimistic about the year ahead. Who knows? Maybe 2013 will defy the odds. It might get lucky.


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