Jayz it's gone all fancy!

The blog looks different now as you may have noticed. If you didn't there's something wrong with your browser. Of course there's a chance you aren't reading this at all, that you can no longer read the texts because you're too put out by all this flathúlach carry on and have no idea what to be clicking. If so, I apologize. Not that I need to, for you aren't reading this at all...


  1. Well, we can't say you hadn't warned us already. But what's this about flatulence?

    1. Haha! Flathúlach's one of my favorite words. It means extravagant, flashy, over the top. Often applied to someone with money too, so you can say, "Jayz, yer man over there is very flathúlach with his scheckles. Who does he think he is?!"


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