My little niece was born two weeks ago, same birthday as my dad's, though only one of them was born two weeks ago. No prizes for guessing which one.
She's had a tough start to life, the poor crater, not that it's Kaffee und Kuchen for anyone starting off, but it's hard enough to deal with a whole new world of madness without having an Irish hospital to contend with too.
But I'm happy to report that she's making steady progress, as is her mother, while her dad... well, dads never fully recover do they?
Welcome to the world Síobhra! Very considerate of you to arrive the same day as your uncle and big cousin. Sorry we couldn't spend more time with you but you're probably better off with a bit of peace and quiet. Sure you've your whole life ahead of you, we'll catch up over a pint or two soon enough. I'm sure things must seem pretty scary for you now – especially if you've been reading the papers – but don't you be worrying about any of that. Nothing's ever really as scary as it seems.


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