Germans united

It’s Tag der Deutschen Einheit, Day of German Unity, when all Germans, East and West, wish they’d just build the fucking Wall back up again. Truly, a day all Germans are united.

(When I say all Germans, I am basing this on a survey I carried out on a representative sample of the natives of this confused land this morning, when I disregarded her response entirely.)


  1. ha ha this made me laugh. It's so true. I don't know a single German who actually celebrates this day in any way, only the foreigners who live here seem to make any fuss about it.

  2. Mmmh, not so true. Thanks to the (re)unificatin I found love, familiy, friends and so much more. I do not have to celebrate this day with Merkel and Gauck in order to be thankful about this turn in history :-)


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