Naked no longer

Good news for friends, family, photo-freaks and those of you who can’t read! Not that those of you who can’t read will know this is good news because, well, you can’t read. Hopefully you’ll have the wherewithal to click on the links I plan to insert later on.
Previous posts without pictures are now adorned with pictures! The backlog of naked posts built up while we were away has been dealt with and all are now illustrated beautifully and naked no longer.
Family and fans of the little fella will particularly appreciate the photos I added to the fifth “Snotshot of madity” to celebrate him turning 1½. (Click on the underlined words to open it up.)
I’ve also adorned the posts about easyJet, Lozoya and Guernica with photos, while those about Bilbao and Madrid already had pictures, but sure you may as well look at them again.
Please do. I was up until 3 a.m. the other morning updating the damn things in just the latest late night/early morning in front of a computer uploading and fucking around, knowing there are better things to do in life than this. There has to be a less time-consuming way of adding pictures...
Anyway, I hope you like them, that they tickle all your fancies, that they don’t shatter the images in your head but rather embellish the whole friggin’ experience of reading this here blog. Who’m I kiddin’? There’s no one reading this here blog. It’s all about the pictures.

To balance the recent lack of naked posts elsewhere, I thought I’d adorn this post with a bit of nudity. So here’s a naked meerkat, donkey and some naked monkeys…


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