The “easy” in easyJet is evidently meant for the staff and the airline itself, as they do as little as humanly possible.
The passenger does all the work. You check in yourself, bring your bags onboard, or practically load them onto the plane. I suppose it won’t be long before they expect us to fly the damn things too.
“Speedy boarding” means you get onto the bus first, where a sign tells speedy boarders they should stand at the front of it so they can speed onto the plane before anyone else does. In other words, run! We only saw the sign as we were leaving after everyone else, having stood at the back of the bus we were among the first onto.
When you’re on the plane they then try squeezing some more easy money out of you, with a “free” chocolate bar for anyone gullible enough to buy a sandwich and soft drink for €8. Eight fucking yo-yos!
Of course it’s never easy travelling with an independent minded young being testing the boundaries of tolerance, and though we can hardly blame the airline for that, they didn’t make it any easier. So ‘twasn’t the easiest all in all, but we got here. That’s the main thing.


  1. Ah... the joys of Speedy Boarding.

    Have you seen/heard Facinating Aida's take on this type of travel?

  2. Yes, that´s a classic! The Honourable Husband put me onto it before, but I was slightly disappointed to see it was a bit of a one hit wonder. The rest of their stuff isn´t as good.


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