Snotshot of madity 4: Templehof

Now that there’s a man in my life I miss him when I’m not home. It’s only been a couple of days for Jaysus’ sake but I miss him all the same. I missed him as soon as I left. Mad but true. So allow me to reminisce on a great day we had together.

April 25, 2012 – Templehof, Berlin. Just the two of us, man to man. Him with his bottle of water, me with my bottle of beer. I set him free on the runway, he takes full advantage. Finds an oul’ fishing rod. The fish had long escaped but he isn’t to know that and he’s happy. Runs around like mad. We crack open some strawberries I bought. Eat like kings. He’s fascinated by the camera lens, a source of wonder. Runs around some more, whacks the rod off the runway. Again and again. Runs, runs, runs. Grass, sun, Nazi terminal, runway, kites, bottle of water. Hours of fun; tiring fun. Asleep by the time I wheel him out at the other side. Dreams you can only dream when the world is at your feet.


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