Humble debut of staggering prospect

It’s a wonderful day, and not only because the tennis is over for today and there’s free beer in the media centre with only one more match tomorrow – on the home straight! – but because today Germany was presented with a humble debut of staggering prospect.
Today I was published in German for the first time!
taz, short for die tageszeitung (they don’t believe in capital letters, and why should they? overrated, especially here in germany) asked me for a piece on Ireland at Euro2012. (Alright, Ireland has to be capitalized.)
If this doesn’t win that surprisingly elusive Pulitzer...
I wrote it last week, before the adventure came to its sorry end, but publication was pushed back for one reason or another (probably on account of its sheer brilliance) until I more or less had to rewrite it so it could make sense in this current climate of pride despite defeat.
I’ve since found out The Fields of Athenry is not as old as I thought it was, but hey, it’s become traditional now.
As traditional as I hope my writings in German will become. Jesus, if I can write in this language there really is no limit to what I can achieve. Wrestling bears, walking through walls, farting gold...
They wanted a photo but it’s an old one. I’ve deteriorated at an alarming level since I moved here and didn’t want to put people off reading the thing even before it’d had a chance of being read.

You can read the original in English here, revealing a more optimistic state of mind before delusion was dashed.


  1. Congratulations!

    I'd say something about that hunky photo next to the column, but then all the readers who go to the URL mentioned at the bottom might discover my snarky, yet loving, comment.

  2. The face on the paper looks vaguely familiar, maybe a cousin of yours, but the mop top is absent, and in its absentia, I have to cry 'bollox!' and let slip the dogs of doubt. It ain't you. No German clippers can shear through thine thicket. Not to mention I can't possibly check the German words to find your writing style. But if for some reason, you managed to find a pair of clippers sharp enough to shear your shaggy head, and managed to get published with said head, well... congrats!


  3. Said picture was taken shortly after I moved here. As I wrote, I've deteriorated at an alarming level since then and didn't want to shock them with a new pic. At the time I was using an Irish clippers, a.k.a. sheep shears. Yer only man.
    And thanks! (You too Adam.)


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