An utterly preventable catastrophe

I watched as stocks dwindled with increasing alarm. I knew what was going on. On several occasions I could have taken preemptive action to ward off catastrophe. But still I desisted, just watched disaster unfolding like a car crash in slow motion. I have no idea why I didn’t act. Rising panic accompanied decreasing supplies. Still I did nothing, rendered incapable of prohibitive action until finally the inevitable came to pass. “FUCK, THERE’S NO TEA!!!”
A German would never be so reckless. But I’m Irish, and now I’m tealess.


  1. Ah theres nothing worse than wanting something from home and being too far away to get it! We have more tea than we can handle over here...I am more than happy to send over some!

  2. Ah thanks Rach! But I've already taken action, now that it's too late to prevent a tea drought, and some more boxes of Barry's should be arriving - I hope - by the end of the week. They can't arrive too soon!

  3. well if you ever want any more barrys, or taytos for that matter just gimme a shout! im forever putting pleas out for random bits and bobs from the states in exchange for goodies from ireland!


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