Small beer country revisited

I’d forgotten the beers were teeeeeeny here. I finished my first thimble-full after dragging it out as long as I could. Damnit, I practically inhaled it, before tentatively asking your man behind the bar, "Gibt’s was großeres?"
He smiled, winked knowingly and held up his finger. I sighed a sigh of relief. Finally! A real beer that won’t be gone before you even drink it! He turned around, filled the glass and produced a thimble only slightly larger than the one before. Goddamnit. And now that one’s gone too.

Addendum; Thursday, Mar. 1 – I asked the barman the next day why the beers were so small in this part of the world. He said it was to do with the type of beer they drink and the gas used. Apparently they'd taste like crap if you pulled a beer here into proper-sized glasses. So he said anyway. It didn't stop him charging proper-sized beer prices for his thimble-fulls.


  1. meanwhile in an irish pub in istanbul, the barmaid said she can't give me a small glass of guinness, because they ran out of small guinness glasses and if i want to drink guinnes, i have to order a pint. and no she can't just put it in any other glass (german, much?). eventually, she brought me one, when they had small guinness glasses again. it was diluted.

  2. Tell your wan that a glass of Guinness is automatically small, that's why it's called a glass of Guinness and not a pint of Guinness, which is always pint-sized. I'm not sure what the official measurement for a glass is, but I'm pretty sure it's not exclusive to Guinness and she could have put it in another glass.
    Meanwhile, if it's dilated you should send it back. Always send back a bad pint. Though after what you've been through you should have thrown it in her face.
    This is why I avoid Irish pubs that aren't in Ireland...

  3. it was from draft, i think it's just how imported guinness is. they started importing it only some months ago. yeah i hear ya, i avoid turkish bars in other countries too, i mean what's the point? plenty of em where i come from. and they are not as good.


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