Write off

It’s my first day off of the year. “Day off,” I say, as if such a thing exists anymore. I mean my first day off work, my first day off writing. So I ain’t gonna spend it writing.
Instead here’s a nice picture of home, in Ireland, where there’s no work at all.


  1. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway...
    Hey, you're a man who comes from a country with no work, who's working in city with no work. Be happy you don't sit around on The Dole broke and playing video games and drinking beer all day. Cuz that would suck. Maybe. Had 3 donuts this morning at 6:30am cuz I couldn't sleep. The streets were empty at 6:30 as was the bakery. Like a zombie apocalypse, I alone reaped the rewards of the Berliner jelly donuts.


  2. 'Tis a good shot, thanks. So good I would have said it twice too. I've other such shots that I'll be uploading in the days ahead now, after your encouragement.


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