Der Frust

Every night I cycle home from work I need to look at the numbers of the houses to see which one is mine. Before I even reach that stage I need to look at the street signs to see which goddamn street I live on.
Sometimes, when lost in thoughts or exhaustion, I pass my door without realising, and then have to turn back cursing the unimaginative fuckers who built it. I still curse them as I carry my bicycle on my shoulder up the grotty grey stairway, looking at the names on each door to see which door is mine...
For a people who have the wherewithal to give every single thing dead or alive or neither one of three genders – der, die or das – and then remember which one it is was forevermore, you’d think they could grasp the concept of building two consecutive buildings that don’t look exactly the same.


  1. Do you live in the former East, or the former West, IB?

  2. East Berlin. Strangely enough, 'twas far more glamorous/exciting to live in the east when I moved here first. The grass is always greener on the other side of the the Wall. In this case it was from the chemicals...

  3. I live in the part of East Berlin where the buildings DON'T all look the same. So NYAH. :p

    The doorways of some of the drab, commie housing blocks in Prague are decorated with apples, oranges, pears and different animals so children could find their house after school. They were losing kids between the school bus and the sprawling commie concrete. It was anarchy...

    I lived in one of the unmarked gray buildings in Prague once. I was putting my key in the building next door to mine for WEEKS.


  4. I reckon we should go around some night and take all the numbers off the doors. Then sit back and watch the chaos, utter confusion and hopelessness. It'll be even funnier now that the temperature's dropped below zero. Of course, I'll have to put a neon sign over my door so I know which one is mine.

  5. I find every eastern european city hard to navigate due to the similarity of the housing, i get lost very easily :(


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