Seize the moments

Madness struck – I splashed out half a month’s wages on a camera. My little family will starve, they’ll wear cardboard for the winter, but fuck it we’ll have good photographs.
In a way it’s more important. For the last while – especially watching Nippity growing up – I’ve been cursing the shitness of what should be great photos. In 10 year’s time, 40 year’s time, 60 years from now, I won’t remember the month we starved or froze to death because I bought a camera. I suppose if we freeze to death I won’t remember it next week either. Na ja. At least the pictures of unrepeatable, never-again-to-be-captured moments will be there.
Something had to be done. If you’re going to take those photos at all, they should be fantastic. Hopefully ye’ll notice a marked improvement in picture quality from now on. My only worry is that the camera still isn’t good enough, but that’s another matter. Some food and clothes etc. are a necessity or I won’t be able to take any photos at all


  1. I think a camera is a worthy investment! So you might have to eat more pot noodle this month or wear a few extra layers (of cardboard as it seems haha!) Kids grow up so fast I think its important to document those fleeting moments.

  2. Nice shots! I look forward to seeing what else comes out of your camera.

    We should go shooting.


    web camera!


  4. Rach - I like your way of looking at it. An investment hurts in the beginning but usually pays off in the end. Hopefully those winters of cardboard will be worthwhile.

    Adam - Sure! Where do we get the guns?

    Fats - Mad shit. Doesn't surprise me though. I'd be more surprised if they weren't doing it.


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