Faster than the fastest

I just raced the fastest man in the world. And won! The 100m world champion Yohan Blake may not have known he was in a race, but no matter.
We were in a lift at the Hotel Ellington. Alone. Not a word was spoken. Eyeball to eyeball. Tension building. Floors counting up: 1-2-3...
As soon as those doors opened at the fourth floor, BAM! I was gone.


  1. Don't get too cocky. You were neck and neck for most of the race.

  2. If he was taller than you, he still won.

  3. It wasn't a race up, it was a race out. Maybe I wasn't clear enough on that.

    He made up for his disappointment running 9.82 seconds again today. I think I'll just stick to running out of lifts...

  4. I've clarified the matter for all concerned.


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