Seasons are like buses – they never arrive when you want them to, if they arrive at all.
Summer never bothered showing up, and now we’re hurtling inescapably into the deep, dark winter. I still haven’t recovered from the last one, and the thoughts of it clasping us in its cruel icy grip sends a chill to my heart even before its icy grip does.
Autumn you say? Autumn me arse. I can’t enjoy it, not knowing the impending hell about to follow. I’m genuinely dreading it, don’t know how I’ll cope, have a knot in my stomach, am shivering at the thoughts of it alone.
I had to buy my jacket for the second time today. The nipper casually lost the one I bought the first time. I was waiting for him to buy me a replacement but panic got the better of me in our battle of wills.
All the sensible animals will hibernate or fly away of course, but I fear neither are options. Not anymore. Suffering is the best we can hope for now.


  1. If it's a cold one again this year, get a pair of skates and enjoy all the lakes you have around Berlin. If you hear the canals in Holland are frozen well enough for skating, head there for a couple of days. It's worth the trip.

  2. What do you mean if it's a cold one!


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