Noddy’s nuptials

Noddy’s nuptials went off without a hitch. No, it’s true - they were actually married a year before.
Because they were hitched in Australia, there had to be another celebration this side of the planet exactly one year later so family and friends could join in. Proper order! Speeches were mercifully short and scarce, grub plentiful and we weren’t able to finish off the beer despite giving it our best shot by taking all night. There was no dancing, but it sure was barn to be wild.


  1. Mate

    I thought I'd let you do some verbal bashing after reading this wagon's post on Chinese century eggs.

  2. Hello Ciaran, I noticed you on spotted by Locals for Berlin (I am also a spotter but for Warsaw) and as I am coming for some time to Berlin I was thinking maybe we could meet up for a beer and you would give me some tips about Berlin & places I have to visit? If you find this a good idea, contact me under All the best from Warsaw!

  3. Chinese porridge?! Dunno about that but she's probably right about the Irish.

    Berliner Außenseiter, I'll email you. Let me know if you're still in town and we'll try organise something.


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