Hair we go!

We’re all set! I just finished packing (almost) and we’re about to head to the airport. The nipper’s so excited he’s been puking and farting all day. The homecoming!
For the next two weeks, blog activity will be intermittent as we bask in the bliss of a land without Deutsche Post’s returned letters, the GEZ’s neverending bills or shopkeepers who “aren’t allowed” break €5 for change.
There’ll be a special post tomorrow, but apart from that they’ll either be few and far between, or short and frequent if I decide to make use of my handheld device which is most certainly not a fruit of any type. I tried using an orange once but the results were so messy and sticky it put me off typing on any sort of fruit.
Tschüß for now Berlin, Hallo Irland!


  1. Your in luck the weather has been cracking. Have a good n man

  2. Nice to hear the weather WAS cracking. We all know what that means!


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