Doolin dealin'

Perhaps the lack of an ATM In Doolin explains why the locals screw money out of visitors any which way they can. €42 we're paying for the hostel. Without breakfast. Jenny said it was €29 to stay in a dorm but that's simply too outrageous to be true.
There's only one regular shop in the village (thousands selling woolly jumpers and trinkets adorned with shamrocks) but the groceries are so overpriced only gold bars covered in platinum adorned with the rare egg of a six-legged sabre-toothed mouse are accepted.
None of that compares, however, to the news they now charge people €6 to see the renowned Cliffs of Moher nearby. Cliffs! With an entrance fee! Not to buy them, or eat them, but to see the fucking things. They can keep them.
Of course we're in Clare, so I shouldn't be surprised. If ever a county should fall into the Atlantic let it be Clare. I'd like to see them charge for the cliffs then. It's no coincidence the Burren is Clare's highlight as well as its least populated area.
To make matters worse, the hostel is full of weird Austrians. I know Austrians are weird anyway, but these ones are even weirder that normal Austrians, worse even than Bavarians. If ever there was a time for Clare to fall into sea...
The nipper's coping admirably. I don't know where he gets the strength.


  1. Clare truely is the mickie of Ireland cant believe thats even legal its basically an eye tax.

  2. hahaha!! Just spent 5 days in an 18-bed dorm in London, 'twas a big-enough challenge without odd Austrians!!! Ah Ciaran, don't you like complications :))

  3. We just went to the cliffs about 2 days ago- I thought 6 euros was pretty high to see the cliffs so I lied and said I was a student....I still have my ID so I might as well use it. At least it knocked 2 euros off...Cliffs were pretty though and not that long of a drive from limerick! And there WERE a lot of austrians (or germans I thought) around....must be travel season for them.

  4. There's a way of cutting through the fields (heading towards the sea obviously) so you can look at the damned cliffs without having to fork out €6. On the way from Doolin, park the car where the road veers abruptly away from the sea to the left, and simply hop the gate and down past the cows. It's trespassing through some farmer's land obviously, but the cows don't mind and it's better than paying to see something put on this planet by the gods or whatever preceded them.

  5. well I didn't mind paying since that money, supposedly, goes towards preservation- but I didn't like the fact that my husband had to pay- hes Irish- its his country! he shouldnt have to pay to see his own freaking landscapes! cutting through the next time we will do that, its not like they are guarding it or anything. :)


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