I painted myself white today. A nice shade of white. White only has one shade which is why it’s nice.
I painted myself white because I painted the ceiling of our balcony from which I cannot see the Fernsehturm. I still cannot see it, my beloved Turm. Not that I expected to when I painted the balcony ceiling but I thought I should point it out all the same. Its elusiveness.
Balconies don’t have ceilings of course. Really I painted the bottom underside of our upstairs neighbours’ balcony, something they should have done, and gravity ensured I painted everything below it – including myself – too. I fucking hate DIY.


  1. :) I love painting ha ha. The trick to not getting covered is dont over pack the roller with paint and roll really slow so it doesnt fly everywhere. Is it cool to give ya a shout over the e mail?

  2. Of course! Not using wall paint to paint a ceiling might help as well, as might a roller rather than a brush, as might a bit of patience. Painting ain't my thing, and I'm happy it leave it in hands as talented as yours.


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