Macht's jut liebe Derval

After a long period of separation, I finally decided it was time to face the inevitable. Myself and Derval have parted ways. Permanently. We’ll have a final fling when I go back to Ireland in a few weeks, but after that she’ll be in someone else’s hands.
It was the only fair thing to do. I had to set her free. For too long she’d been sitting neglected in a carpark, gathering cobwebs, left to idle thoughts of fantastic journeys and racing down motorways, wondering when she would once again feel the thrill of the ride, her misery compounded by the sound of other cars whizzing gleefully past on the road outside.
I thought of rescuing her from her distress, bringing her back to Germany again, but the thoughts of all the inevitable forms, hoops and bureaucracy put paid to any noble notions.
Far better to leave her in the hands of someone I know will treat her right – Delphine has promised to give her the love and attention she deserves – than subject her to battles at the Bürgeramt.
I’m distraught to let her go, but I know it’s for the best. We’ve shared some wonderful times together – she even accompanied me all the way when I first moved to Berlin, then there was the weekend in Paris, camping trips and music festivals – but she deserves to have more wonderful times. Even if it’s with someone else. Sniff.


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