Nuff said

In other news, we’ve run out of tea bags but still have ample supply of loose leaf tea. I invested in a tea filter that has proved more successful then anticipated. I should have got one yonks ago. More tea has also been ordered to avoid any unpleasant tea-famines.
The wind smashed the bathroom window today. I guess that’s why they’re called wind-ows. Thankfully, Germans are forward-planning creatures and all windows in this city come with double panes. So fuck it, one’s smashed, but we’ve another. And we don’t have to bother opening two panes anymore if we want a gentle breeze to come in.
Meanwhile, I’ve ascertained that limes are incredibly expensive in this country. The cheapest lime I’ve seen is 39 cents. For a lime! Everywhere I’ve looked, a lime is 39 cents, meaning it’s 39 cents for the most expensive lime too. Coincidence? They must think we’re all lemons. We pay it, so I guess we are...


  1. It's a price fix, for sure. But same as for fuel, there's no incentive for the gov't to look into it because the higher the prices go, the more tax they rake in.

  2. Good point. Though it makes you wonder what they actually do. Not what they're supposed to do, that's for sure.

  3. The window is broken??? Es zieht!! Es zieht!!!!!

  4. It pulls?? It pulls????? I had to enroll the help of a native there. There's a draught!! There's a draught!!!!! Alles klar.


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