Glug glug goes the train

It’s after midnight. I’m on my way home from work and have bought a beer for €1.50 in the train station as I await the U2 back from Alexanderplatz. Everyone waiting is drinking bottles of beer. Drinking is practically encouraged when they sell it on the platform. Glug glug glug. Weird and wonderful people abound. Everyone chatting excitedly, clinking and chinking. I feel I’m at a party. This is Berlin! And here comes the train...


  1. I was utterly confused by being able to drink on public transport on my first trip to Berlin. You're right, it's totally like one big party. Ace.

  2. There are many reasons Berlin's public transport system is renowned. The trains themselves are just a part of that. Unfortunately, I miss most of these parties by cycling around Berlin. Anytime I get a train I feel I have to celebrate. And lo!


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