Expecting expectants

Expectant grandparents expected tomorrow, probably more expectant than expected (if that ain’t expecting expectations) as they visit in expectation of the nipper only expected when they were last here as expectant grandparents. Now they’re simply expecting.
They’ll pretend they’re here to see me too, but I know there’s only one star from now on.
I expect they don’t like being grandparents, but will be happy with the result once they see him for the first time.
Jaysus knows how he’ll react. His manners are still shockingly bad; belching and farting without fear of reprisal. He’ll probably fart in their faces. But stars can do no wrong.
Hopefully he’ll be quiet though. He’s been pretty whingey and whiney of late, screamey and screechey of early. It was 5.30 a.m. when he kicked off this morning! The apartment’s eerily quiet now, which has me worried for the storm ahead.
I guess my parents have been here before though. After all, I was a nipper once, or so they tell me. I don’t remember so can’t be too sure. But they seem prepared. It’s a short visit and they’re wisely staying out of earshot, down the road. Hopefully he won’t exceed expectations.


  1. Indeed it is. All going well so far. He's keeping them entertained and they seem very happy with him, despite his outrageous manners - he went beyond farting when my mother held him. Luckily her sense of smell spared her from serious injury.


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