I’ve been writing an awful amount of Scheiße lately, utter ráméis about tea and hair and the like, and it’s got to stop. When I started this here blog, I did it to communicate my impressions and experiences of life here with people back home – my new life as an Irish Berliner – for those who wanted to read it. Some people care, others don’t, but I’m pretty sure nobody gives a rat’s ass about hair or tea. I will not write about hair anymore. Barring major circumstance I’ll not write about tea either.
I no longer know why I write a blog. I thought it was for myself in the beginning. A sort of diary. Maybe it is. The travels in South and Central America were interesting, but now the herd wants to rein me in, assimilate me into herd life. Am I really so conceited I think my mundaneness is more interesting than anyone else’s? I could write and write about the nipper – he’s fucking brilliant – but everyone’s nipper is brilliant, and while I may think my nipper is the best, so does everyone else (regarding their nippers), and nobody wants to read about mine if he is.
So it’s not for me, or such a thought would not occur to be. I guess it’s for you dear reader, whoever you are. Why, though, is another matter. A raison d'être has to be more than simply être. Mere existence is never enough. Forget raisons, I want sultanas and currants d'être too. Life in Berlin, a city I love in a country I don't, should provide plenty of material. Tomorrow I go exploring.

This post has been amended slightly following an afternoon’s pondering on raisins and their brethren, and to project a more agreeable tone following the arrival of more tea(!) this morning. I won’t write about that – I promise – unless I go mad and buy a teapot.


  1. There is a category on my blog called "Slice of Life Shit that's Supposed to Be Charming." I use it sparingly. But when I do se it, everyone loves the content. Go figure.

    Perhaps you might need to work on the heartwarming charm aspect of the daily Scheiße. Babies help.

  2. Hello!

    My name is Michelle and I am an Australian in Sweden.

    I really like your random posts, it is just what life is, not everything has to be the most profound cross cultural observations to be interesting.

    And congratulations on your baby! :)

  3. Why thank you Michelle!

    Honourable Husband - You're right of course. Despite producing so much daily Scheiße, the nipper remains charming and heartwarming at all (other) times. A lesson to us all.

  4. Deadly video man. I'll defo be haeading back there man its wall to wall art my kinda place so ill let ya know :). Sounds like you got the bloggin blues man, when it seems like a pain in the swiss to write stuff for randomers. As Michelle points out your posts are pretty random and defo intresting and a bit of craic to read most of the time especially the tea ones ;)

  5. You should write for you, and zour funny and even if everybody doesn´t like it all screw them ... A blog is like a window into your mind when its personal like yours it reflects the diversity in human.
    Keep it up

  6. And you're writing's brilliant :)

  7. You've reached the blogging wall already? It took me three years before I could have written this post - minus the nipper, cuz she's now a teenager.

    Just go with the flow. If you want to post random, experimental stuff, do it! You write well enough to pull it off, that's for sure. And no guilt if you don't post for weeks. There's a ton of stuff I could have written about over the past 6 months, but didn't. I just didn't feel like it.

    One more thing: no sorry-for-not-writings. Nobody's paying for it, are they? :-)

  8. Thanks for the encouragement. No need for alarm bells though - Alles ist in Ordnung. A clear purpose would help - writing for writing's sake is not for me (even if I had the time) and lately I find I'm getting bogged down in the same oul' Scheiße. I just need to find some new Scheiße to write about.

  9. Don't you mean blogged down?

  10. It is a great video though, isn't it? I saw an ad in the cinema a good while ago for, I think, Deutsche Telekom, that was along similar lines. I must try and find it, might be the same pill popper.


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