Working wonders

I've to go to the launch of a Formula 1 car tomorrow. I didn't even know they were sending those things into space, but The Associated Press is opening my eyes to all sorts of wonders.
Since I started this job I still can't believe I've landed, I've come to learn there's more to winter sports than snowballs and stayin' warm, covered more Bundesliga games than Franck Ribéry can miss in a season, and got as close as safely possible to the world heavyweight boxing champion.
Jogi Bear is announcing his team to face Italy tomorrow, while the game itself will need coverage on Wednesday - you can't leave those pesky Eyetalians off without keepin' an eye on them. (Hence the name.) Athletics takes centre stage on Saturday, but really this weekend is all about Fußball, and the meetings of bitter local rivals in particular. It’s derby weekend! Work is good.


  1. I like the pic- also, ur baby is super süß! Hope u r well.. ur ex-colleague from Marcus Evans

  2. Thanks Lee! Great to hear from ya again! All good here, as I hope things are with you. Must catch up for a Bier or Tee.


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