He smiled for the first time today. Not one of those inadvertent sudden muscle movements gone in a flash, but a proper smile which went on for ages as I was telling him about the state of the Irish economy: “It’s fucked, Nipper! Fucked!!!”
I had to stop before he puked himself silly with laughter.
But he smiled for the first time today, and so did we. (We’d smiled before obviously; what I mean is his smile is contagious. Watch out!)


  1. He's a practising his schadenfreude, that little German!

  2. and what a nice big smile it is!!

  3. He's only half German - not a majority - but does see the funny side in others' misery. He finds Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg's plagiarism travails absolutely hilarious.

  4. Ahhh schadenfreude at such a young age. He will be a proper cynical yet! Great smile on the kid- already breaking hearts at one month :)


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