Unhappy Peoples’ Day

November is a bundle of laughs in Germany. I just glanced at the calendar earlier and noticed this Sunday is Volkstrauertag and the following one is Totensonntag – literally “Unhappy Peoples’ Day” followed by “Dead Sunday”.
What kind of country has an Unhappy Peoples’ Day? Jaysus, things are bad enough already – we don’t need a whole bloody day dedicated to celebrating misery. I suppose Dead Sunday is for those for whom the prospect of another Unhappy Peoples’ Day in a year’s time is just too much.
Then those who survive Dead Sunday face the prospect of Advent the following Sunday and we all know what that means – the big C. I dunno which is more depressing.

The fucking chain on my bicycle snapped again today. Chain reaction after the unprovoked attack on the bike lock and self-perpetuating punctures. It never ends. And Ireland is going down the toilet. But my phone’s back in action! And my photos are reaching a wider audience. Swings and roundabouts. Things have been absolutely crazy lately and I apologise for not getting back to your comments and emails and so on. I will in due course. But I’m just so tired now I don’t know if I can even finish this sent


  1. Man sounds like you got a gypsy curse on your bike. The gick has hit the fan over here, ya can actually see us reverting back about 20 years. The budget is gonna be soon maybe that could be Irelands misery day.had a poxy hurricane today November is mad

  2. hello ciaran can you contact me jason@freestylemagazine.co.uk

  3. Sounds like the shit has already hit the fan without the need for hurricanes to get involved. I see Hurricane Merkel has been doing her worst too...

  4. dude, the f-bomb
    not necessary


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