First day on Wall Street

My latest new job started this morning – I’m now working on Wall Street! Wallstraße actually but the sentiment’s the same: all about money. A well-paid job in Berlin sounds like a contradiction, but I’m now earning a decent wage in the service of, the world's biggest online hotel reservation agency.
The company is opening a spanking-new call centre in Berlin and I’m part of the very first customer service team, charged with dealing with some of the issues arising from more than 150,000 worldwide bookings per day. We’ll only be dealing with the German-speaking market (Jaysus help me if I’ve to talk to anyone from Bayern, Switzerland or Austria) so I’ll get to practice my Deutsch on them when they ring. I’m hoping my “niedlich” Irish lilt will assuage whatever hotel-booking issues they may be ringing with. Provided I understand them of course. Otherwise I’ll just have to sing down the phone and hope that placates them.
Thankfully it won’t be anything like the phone-terrorism job I had before. This time around I’ll actually be helping people and I presume I’ll be left with a warm glow at the end of each day for having done so.
The Wall Street (I’m going to keep calling it that) offices are incredibly stylish – shiny wood and fancy lamps everywhere, and one of those lifts with the see-through sides so you can watch the peasants disappear below you as you soar up to the third floor. I know. I’ll take the stairs from tomorrow.
Even more impressive however, is the kitchen. As me and my new telebuddies were standing at the space-age coffee machine waiting for our latte macchiatoes (don’t step on them), a delivery guy arrived with more fruit than you’d find at the zoo – crates of oranges and apples, stacks of bananas, nets of mandarins and boxes of grapes... There were even stacks of fresh ginger and lemon to make tea!
Not only that, but at lunchtime a buffet was provided for everyone to help themselves. Free grub! I had chicken with a potato and cheese bake and salad but there was soup available too. And juices! And other stuff. Mad. I had made sandwiches in the morning and brought them in with me. Of course if I hadn’t, there wouldn’t have been any grub at all.
So we were well-fed during our first day of training and apparently warm meals are provided every lunchtime. We’ll be fat as fools by the time we finish training in two weeks. (Three weeks if we’re particularly stupid, in which case we’ll be even fatter.) Fat but happy which is, after all, the way to be. (The latter rather than the fatter.) Especially for the customers.


  1. Congratulations on the new position.

    With you on staff, I can only assume that will shine just as much as Ex-Berliner. Which, by the way, I have yet to receive my copy of.

    I hope it's in today's mail or else I will call to find out why its not here. ;-)

  2. félicitations encore!!! Dis donc, tout s'arrange pour toi!

  3. you lucky swine your landing more jobs than ya can shake a stick at. Gotta get me self over to Berlin and be a pesky foreigner taking their jobs, shaking sticks and eating grapes

  4. Pas encore, mais j'espère que ça serait bientôt disposées!

    Adam - that Exberliner arrive yet? They had stacks of them ready to send out so I presume yours was among them.

    Dan - they don't like 'immigants' here anymore, stealing our jobs and our men and women, eating our grapes and shaking our sticks which should only be shook in the proper German manner. But if you wanna come over here and spend your hard-earned scheckles in the pubs and bars and restaurants, and help feed the monster which is the German economy, then you are herzlich eingelanden.

  5. I have my Ex-Berliner. I think it arrived Tuesday... It looks totally beautiful.


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