Clucking up the Spots

Yet more spots have been published on the Spotted by Locals website today! I now have more spots than when I had the dreaded chicken pox. That was a pox if ever there was one. The clucking grassholes.
The latest three wonders of wordery – I’m running out of self-serving superlatives – bring my total to date to 20, a score I’m as proud to achieve as I am relived to have scored it.
They feature a taquería I discovered at the weekend which really is Ta’ Cabrón! One day I’ll return to México, but for now it’s probably safer to eat its food in Kreuzberg. Thanks to the cycling dog for literally showing me the light on Saturday.
The other articles feature Templehof and Alexanderplatz, with its fountain of shite. I guess the unfortunate “Friendship Between Peoples Fountain” never really stood a chance.


  1. aaaw i miss alexanderplatz. i want to go back!

  2. ah the auld fountain o shite, brings a tear to me eye to think about, an auld fountain o shite in the summer, cider cans, butts, Generations have trod, have trod, have trod;

  3. They're setting up the Christmas markets there now, so the Fountain of Shite will no longer be the centre of attention. Although it will prove a useful receptacle for those who've consumed too much Glühwein in an effort to ward off the cold.


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