Berlin (AP) — Pride and excitement accompany the announcement that Ciarán Fahey will be joining The Associated Press as a sportswriter in December. A keen desire not to be fired before he even begins leads him to stress these words are in fact his own, but if he were allowed write the agency’s press releases, he would write the global news organization is quite proud and excited to make the announcement at this time.
Only Mr. Fahey himself, the world’s most little-known famous journalist, is more proud and excited.
“I’m fuckin’ deligh-red,” he said last night after agreement on terms and conditions was reached between both parties. The agreement marks the conclusion of a process which began with a tentative inquiry last January.
A wonderful journalist with a keen sense of write and wrong, the Irishman will be covering all sporting matters from the AP bureau in the German capital. Most of his work will focus on Fußball – primarily the Bundesliga and Champions League – but obscure sports such as tennis, boxing and racing will also feature. It is actually quite sporting of him to join.
Founded in 1846 and headquartered in New York, The Associated Press is, of course, quite simply the best news agency in the world. More than half the world’s population sees news from the prestigious not-for-profit cooperative on any given day and it has Pulitzer Prizes coming out of its ears; no doubt it is only a matter of time before Mr. Fahey earns another.

I’d better stop there before I ruin it. Suffice to say I’m happy as a pig in shit. Happier, in fact, than an easily-pleased pig in a pool of the most luxurious shit. Since I first made the decision – often questioned since – to be a journalist, this is all I’ve ever wanted.

I handed my notice into Wall Street today. It didn’t last long, but they wished me all the best and I them. As for Exberliner, my involvement will be restricted to features from now. Copy-editing was a short but Beautiful EXperience, but with the AP comes the promise of plenty more.
There’s heaps more I could write but it’s a day to give thanks. The rest is just turkey.


  1. You lucky fucking bastard. I curse the day you were born. And I hope Germany won't even make it to the quarterfinals next world cup.

    (yeah, I'm just jealous. I'll go sulking in my corner.)

  2. Congratulations!

    You've got what it takes to do well in the fray - initiative, enthusiasm, and of course the writing. Hope to see your byline soon.

  3. horse gack, or gock or gick you be the man about town when it comes to telling the lies considering you've never told the truth, clear off the mantle place for all those gammy awards your gonna win, jaysus we'll n'er hear the end of this...its a new dawn for journalism

    canceling my AP subscription post-haste

  4. well done.
    from Stasi command

  5. Wow, Stasi command no less! Thank you all so much for the best wishes, congratulations and jealousy. It's great!
    Yesterday was my last day with the old job und ab Montag geht es schon (und schön) los! hAPpy days!

  6. Good chAP. Your gain is AP's gain.
    I bet you're hAPpier than the hAPpiest APple in an APpalachian hAPpy APple orchard. Actually it's APparent from your post that you couldn't be hAPpier, so I'll join in the hAPpiness in as APpropriate a manner as possible and tell you that we're all very very hAPpy for you. It would APpear that your perseverance paid off and that's all the APt words I can find to say, for now. (We'll organise that other thing asAP).

  7. EXCELLENT! Good on ya!
    Congrats all around.
    It is a journalist's dream, and you're living it.
    You have the stuff... now just get stuffing!

  8. Cheers Snooker! Thanks for the kind words and stuff.
    DM - you have waay pee much time on your fingers...
    And now for El Clásico!

  9. ooo! congratulations. i must, once again, think of the words of the joker, who was obviously a sweet freelancer..."if you're good at something, never do it for free." so how does working there work? tell them i heart their style guide. :)

  10. CONGRATULATIONS! every time someone makes their dreams come true, you know there is still hope for this world

  11. Yeah, it's great! Thanks again! I'm still pinching myself.
    Last weekend was the first covering the Bundesliga without supervision (very brave of them) and it all "went swell"! Except for poor old St. Pauli of course: http://sports.sportsillustrated.cnn.com/worldcup/story.asp?i=20101211210428450001401&ref=rec&tm=&src=IFB
    Sunday's report: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/schalke-prevails-in-spot-kick-comedy/article1834765/
    (I don't know how to insert links in comments, so ye'll have to copy and paste if you're bothered.)
    It's all a bit mad but I love it! Long may it continue!


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