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The job search is over. I now have four of them. Honest to Jaysus – no Schieße. I even turned down more work today. All I had to do was leave Berlin for a week and the offers came flooding in while I was away. I should have known.
I am (for) now the copy editor for Exberliner Magazine. I started work today. I say for now as I am one of two candidates who will be offered the job permanently once we’ve both undergone a month’s trial. So I ain’t celebrating yet.
Exberliner is an English-language monthly dedicated to arts, music, culture and whatever the hell happens to be going on in Berlin at the time. No lack of material then. It’s quite prestigious, informative and well-respected – a direct contrast to the last crowd I worked for, but just as entertaining. Sexpert Dr. Dot’s column is legendary, frank and forthright. There are interviews with people worth interviewing (Rufus Wainwright, Yoko Ono), and intelligent comment, advice, reviews and opinion.
Any magazine with a front page headline of “F*cking bureaucracy” is one I’d gladly work for! Very considerate too, putting an asterisk over the ‘u’ like that. I was never considerate enough to consider doing that.
I’m quite confident I can do the job and do it very well, so it’s up to me now to prove it. I rely only on myself, so I’d better not fuck it up. Of course, my competitor (who will have her chance in November) could be absolutely brilliant. All I can do is my best so my best I will do. I’ll find out at the end of November if it’s good enough.
Meanwhile, I will have started another job on November 1st, full-time and well paid for Berlin, so if my best isn’t good enough, well, at least I won’t have to go back down to JobCenter Pankow again.
In the meantime, I am now writing for Spotted by Locals. I’m officially a “spotter” writing about spots in the city, so tourists or other like-minded people can go discover them too. Money’s not a motivating factor here as there’s none worth talking about, but who knows where it’ll lead? I’m sure there can only be positive outcomes to it all. And it's great to be considered a "local" in Berlin after two-and-a-half years! More on this when the time is apt.
So things are finally happening, and moving in the right direction. It’s still uncertain, exciting and exhausting, but developments are developing nicely which is the way to have them develop. Right, that’s enough blather from me – I gotta WORK.


  1. Yay! Congratulations... now stop reading blog comments and get back to work. It's not even midnight yet!

  2. Hurrah! Well done. I never doubted you, and don't doubt you'll be brilliant. It's a magical world indeed, enjoy! X

  3. Let's hold onto the horses here folks! I'll know the end of November whether I can crack open the Sekt or not. Berlin has a habit of building up hopes only to see them crushed. Two and a half years here has infused me with pessimism, albeit optimistic pessimism.

  4. Congrats on the possible job offer but extra props for including Calvin and Hobbes in your post. :)

  5. schnitzelberg...learn how to weld, you'll meet all of berlins craicheads and make bank..bundasbank?
    any babies washed yet?

    I didn't read the blog only the comments..are you in ployed or do you have job sir, you don't go looking for a job dressed like that do you, on a week day, sir, It's a Swiss fuckin' watch. Don't be fatuous dude, your either on the wave or not on the wave,,which is it

  6. Congrats man. You should find out who the other guy is and just distract him every morning for a month so he is late for work everyday then the job will be yours for sure :)

  7. congrats on the good news! let's hope for the best.

  8. Dan, that's a fantastic suggestion. We need more endeavor and positive thinking like that to sort out the world's ails! Distracting someone for a whole month could prove tricky though. I'd been thinking nudity, but they'll just get used to that after a few days - plus it's probably not all that distracting in Berlin anyway, and it's too damn cold. I'll think of something.

    Shane, why would you just read the comments?! Indeed I am in ployed, hopefully not out ployed by the end of next month. And I'm very much on the wave, although probably not your one. I think you're surfing solo there man.

    Yelli, I'd been waiting ages to use Calvin and Hobbes. Now they ARE on the wave!

    Thanks everyone else for the best wishes!

  9. Best of luck Ciarán, you deserve the job. I hope yourself and Jenny and the future heir are keeping well. I would love to get a chance to go to Berlin again. We had a great time there last February.

  10. prestigious, informative and well-respected

    Hm...that must be another magazine... and the copy editor must be one of the two or three paid members of staff, no? The journos don't get anything apart from the "fame"... nasty tongues say it's actualy a letting agency getting two months' rent money for a week in a flat somewhere, using a magazine as advertising for the agency. I couldn't possibly comment.

  11. Neither could I - not until I get paid at least.


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