Time for a revolution

Ireland's ready for revolution. About time. It turns out the country is fucked. Beyond fucked. Those entrusted with its care have left a bill for €50 billion. This obscene sum to be borne by generations to come. It makes me sick. Children not even born yet will have to pay for the crimes of immoral politicians and their greedy friends. It really makes me sick.
I'm not the only one. A guy drove a cement truck with 'Toxic Bank' written on the side through the gates of the Dáil on Wednesday. A hero. A pity he didn't catch a few politicians. Of course he was arrested, kept overnight in a Garda station and he will be prosecuted on some charges to be determined by the gardaí. They're protecting the wrong people. Money determining their vested interests too.
A full scale revolution is the only solution now. Storm the Dáil, burn the fuckers inside, hunt down their predecessors and burn them too. The savings in wages and pension payments would go some way to meeting the €50 billion bill. How much is Bertie Ahern still being paid by the state? It's obscene. I met that crook once. Shook his hand despite my better judgement. I'd love a second chance. Burn the bankers too! Burn them all.
There's a tragedy in seeing Ireland's greatest resource screwed by those in charge. Once again the people will suffer. The commoners. My friends, my family. I admit a surge of pride when I heard of the cement truck guy, and looking around at everyone on the Dart as I made my way home the other day, I felt a bond with them all. Acquaintances just waiting to be made. Phantom FM was playing Led Zeppelin, the sun was shining (mad!), people were smiling. An advert offered romantic advice: "Girls like it when you remember their names." That would never happen in Germany. Later people actually greeted me as I passed them. It felt good to be home. Ireland is fantastic and the people are great. Just be careful which ones you put in charge of the country.


  1. The Irish people are by and large big talkers but conservative when it comes to taking action. The cement truck is the exception not the rule. But I wonder if that's going to change as people realise what all those billions spent actually mean for them.

  2. Bertie is on the list of .... get this artists exempt from tax. It seems the artist formally known as bertie got someone to write him a book and he is now tax free. C**t. Oh and if ya want to give him that second had shake his office place is in drumcondra he always stands out side and talks to people has a minder with him though. As for the rest of the Dail off with their heads hopefully the next budget will push people over the edge, it may take Irish people a while to act but once we get going is all or nothing

  3. what about our debt? I think France is waiting for a computer bug which would erase everybody's debt...ah, dear old rugged capitalism ;-)

  4. Dan – Don't start me on Bertie. I could write books about that parasite. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't get artists' tax exemption either. And it just gets worse and worse. http://blogs.wsj.com/source/2010/10/04/irelands-former-leader-squats-in-cupboard-for-tv-ad/
    If this keeps up, I'm moving to Germany.

    Marcus(If that is indeed your real name) – You just wait!

    Wawa (which I know is your real name) – If the French were in charge of Ireland they would have simply stolen all the money and then gone on holidays to the World Cup in South Africa. Oh wait...
    Seriously, Ireland could learn a thing or two from France and the summer of 1789.

  5. haha, man, you're an anarchist! East Berlin influence? Did you know the French revolution was instigated by the Bourgeois who wanted the aristocrats out of the picture? there's no such thing as revolution, whether it be the american one triggered by pure economical motives (namely the navigation laws) or even 1916, which didn't have the population support at all, with people freaking out and hoping the Brits would manage to stop these literate "terrorists" ;-) ne sois pas si naif ;-))

  6. Well, at least SOMEONE did SOMETHING! Perhaps the bourgeois are the only people to stand up and take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for someone else to do it.
    Turns out that car truck guy isn't an ordinary guy either. http://www.tribune.ie/news/editorial-opinion/article/2010/oct/03/michael-clifford-dailgate-anglo-avenger-is-no-ordi/ (Thanks Mark.)
    But at least he did SOMETHING! Naif? Peut-être...

  7. lol, true, it's just I don't believe in collateral damage, I find it tragic and unfair :)

  8. too many drunks, nothing will change in the banana republic without the bananas


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